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Dec 26, 2012 1:35am PST
now. >> reporter: roary graduated with a computer science degree. >> i graduated with my bachelors in 2009 and my first job was at a retail store. at first it was kind of embarrassing. >> i couldn't get a job in the field i wanted to. i figured i have to go to law school to get where i wanted to be. >> reporter: even with a higher degree it is still tough. bill song is still. >> college and he's worried about his future because his friends have been forced to take jobs they don't even want. >> all my friends have a hard time. all of my friends with high degrees working at mcdonalds or some places like that, the higher jobs are harder to get nowadays. >> reporter: with a low paying job it's harder for the college grads to pay back student loans. those bills are stacking up. >> one my friends bar tends and works at a restaurant just trying to pay off the lobes she got. >> reporter: maria has a 4-year- old and she's worried about what kind of world her daughter will face. >> it's really distressing. i got out of school in the early 90s. it was a tough market then, but not the way it i
Dec 25, 2012 1:35am PST
the sonoran desert. >> when we discovered the healing properties and the science behind the nopal cactus, i knew we had to make it trivita's top priority and bring this product to market. we had to get this super fruit, used by the desert natives for hundreds of years, to the many people who are suffering today from symptoms caused by inflammation. >> i couldn't walk without excruciating pain. being physically fit has always been very important to me, but i had to give up my treadmill workouts. i even had to switch to comfort shoes. i started on nopalea during the product's trial period without much hope, but after just six weeks on nopalea i was almost pain-free, and after eight weeks the redness and swelling was completely gone. today i am back in the gym on my treadmill pain-free and power shopping wearing stylish shoes and loving it. i know that pain can rob you of quality of life. if you have inflammatory pain issues, i would encourage you to give nopalea a chance. >> it's incredible that something as yummy and natural as nopalea got me on my feet again. now my energy is back
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)